Work At Home Transcription Jobs You Haven’t Heard Of Before.

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If you’re like most people online looking for work at home transcription jobs, you’re probably
tired of seeing the same companies pop up all over the internet. At this point, you’re probably thinking that transcription jobs are not meant for you and you should look into some other online job.

However, if seeing the same work at home transcription jobs all the time, and not being hired by those companies is your problem, then you may be in luck.

This post outlines 9 less known legitimate work at home transcription jobs that you can apply for today.

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1. Take Note Typing

Take Note Typing has been in business since 2006

Who can apply: UK as well as non-UK residents

Some Requirements include:

Excellent understanding of both written and spoken English with at least a grade C in GCSE

  • Typing speed of 65wpm
  • Access to fast secure broadband connection
  • Ownership of a laptop/PC with virus software and MS Office installed
  • Ownership of a sound card and high-quality headphones
  • 18 and older
  • Are self-employed or understands that this is a freelance position

If you meet those requirements you can apply here for a work at home transcription job at Take Note Typing. The application process has four steps including:

  •  A typing speed test
  • An English test
  • A formatting test
  • Transcribing an audio

Pay-rate: 46 pence per audio minute paid through PayPal or bank transfer.

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2. Work at home transcription jobs at Allegis Transcription

Alleges Transcription has been in business since 2008

Your Job: Transcribe recorded audio interviews between insurance adjusters and their clients

Some Requirements include:

  • Ability to transcribe verbatim with 98% or more accuracy
  • Minimum of two years transcription experience
  • Ability to produce an average of 100 + transcription pages within 8-10 hours
  • Minimum of 75 wpm
  • Furthermore, you need to have experience with legal/insurance transcription

You can read more and sign up for Allegis Transcription here.

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3. Pacific Transcription


In business since 2002

Location: Australia, UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa

Jobs available: Radiology transcription, Research Transcription, Medical transcription

Some Requirements include:

  • At least three years experience in research, medical, finance, or legal transcription
  • Great research skills
  • Listening, language, management, communication skills
  • Attention to detail,
  • Computer literacy skills
  • A passion for typing
  • An average of 70 wpm

You can read more about this transcription job here.


4. Verbal Ink


In business since 2003

Jobs available: Transcriptionists to transcribe audio from academic institutions, news organizations, government and private entities

Some Requirements include:

  • You must possess general knowledge of current events and popular American culture.
  • You must be able to tell the difference between similar sounding voices
  • Understand heavy accents
  • Be able to finish and deliver work on time
  • Have a strong command of the English language and grammar
  • You must be computer savvy.

You can read more and apply for Verbal Ink here.


5. SpeechPad


SpeedPad has been in business since 2008

Who can apply: Anyone around the world

Pay-rate: $0..25 per audio minute for entry level work

Some Requirements include:

  • Fluent in English and have good grammar
  • Should be able to understand various accents and dialects
  • Typing speed of 40 wpm or more
  • Good with searching the web

Tools needed: A computer,  internet connection, and headphones

Payment: Every Friday for all files that are approved as of Midnight, Thursday GMT.

You can apply to become a transcriber with SpeedPad here.


6. Work at home transcription jobs at SpeakWrite


In business since 1997

Speak write is now hiring experienced legal and general transcriptionists from the US and Canada.


You must have a typing speed of 60 wpm with 90% accuracy

Here are a few requirements needed to become a transcriptionist at SpeakWrite.


Legal Applicants

  • 2 years  or more experience with legal work in a law firm (this includes transcription and word processing experience, performed within the last five year period)
  • In addition, you should have good working knowledge of the proper format of legal citations.


General Applicants
  • 1 year or more transcription and word processing experience in an office environment
  • Also, you should have specific experience and good working knowledge in the creation of formal correspondence, memos, reports, etc.

Technology requirements

  • Windows Based PC w/ minimum 1GB RAM – no MACs or Tablets
  • Windows OS 7, 8, or 8.1 (not compatible with Windows 10)
  • Microsoft Word 2007 or newer (licensed versions only)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v8.0 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader v8.0 or higher
  • Windows Media Player v10, 11 or 12
  • Additionally, you will need a Soundcard and earphones to listen to the dictation.
  • Printer – (Inkjet or laser, properly set and cabled to work with your computer)
  • Foot Pedal

5. You must be willing to have a background check done.

6. If you’re hired, you can earn between $12-$15 per hour or 1/2 cent per word.

You can read more and apply for this position here.


7. GMR Transcription

In business since 2004

They are looking for general transcriptionists with medical backgrounds

GMR Transcription requires you to transcribe interviews about medical conditions so familiarity with medical terms is a plus. You have the freedom to set your own schedules.

You can read more and apply here.

They are also looking for General Transcriptionists or Spanish Transcriptionists

You will be transcribing a variety of topics including academics, legal, business etc. No experience is necessary and you can pick your own schedule.

Read more and apply here.

Noteworthy, only US citizens can apply.


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8. Take 1 Transcription


Become a freelance audio typist for a transcription company in the TV industry.

Requirements include:

  • Broadband internet connection
  • Typing speed of 80 wpm
  • Also, you need to be available for work for 20 hours a week
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Excellent grammar and spelling skills
  • Another requirement is the ability to hit tight deadlines
  • A PC that meets the technical requirements of Take 1
  • Another important requirement is good knowledge of current affairs
  • Excellent communication skills

You can read more and apply for this position here.


Here are some genral transcription jobs that you can try out with no experince required.


Your turn…

Have you tried out any work at home transcription jobs lately?

Also, feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments below.


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