Top Recommended Blogging Resources To Speed Up Your Success

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This ‘Top Recommended Blogging Resources’ post outlines some of the best blogging e-courses, e-books and affiliate networks that you NEED  to start using to speed up your blog’s success.



When I first started blogging, I was convinced that I could learn everything I needed to know to become a successful blogger for free and on my own.

Six months into my journey, I realized that this strategy was taking way too long and I could speed it up by investing in those top recommended blogging resources that have proven to help other bloggers succeed online.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

This list is pretty solid and includes all the blogging resources I believe in and have been using over the past few months to help grow my income and traffic.

The BEST part is that I’ve started to see real results from using those resources.

Check them all out to see if they will work out for you too!


The Top Recommended Blogging Resources include:


Resources To Increase Blog Traffic

Pinteresting Strategy:

This is an ebook written by a blogger who went from 0-200k page views in in a few short months. She has created this e-book to show other bloggers how they can do the same. I have written a review of this ebook in which I show you how the e-book has helped me increase my traffic a few short months. It teaches you unheard of strategies that really help your traffic grow! I’ve grown my traffic to 56,o00 page views in a few months by using the strategies in this ebook!  You can read more about my results here.

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Pinterest Traffic Avalanche:

This is a really detailed e-course that will walk you how to set up Pinterest and make it work for you. The strategies in this e-course are way more in-depth than any other that I have studied so far. It is taught by two bloggers who have successfully grown their health and fitness blog to over 500, 000k page views per month and now want to teach their strategies to other bloggers. Here is a list of what you can expect from this e-course. I have purchased this e-course and really enjoy the tips and tricks they teach which include:

1. Laying The Foundation To Pinterest Sucess

2. Getting Started & Setting Up Your Account For Success

3. Creating Viral Content

4. The Power Of Group Board

5. Automating Yoru Pinterest Traffic

6. Promoting Pins

7. Analytics and Tracking Progress


9. Updates

You can read more about his e-course here

top recommended blogging resources

Blog Strategies ebook:

This is an eBook that teaches you how to grow your traffic with simple actionable tips that anyone can do and see results from. The author of this ebook was able to grow his blog from 0 to 170k page views per month and he is sharing all his secrets!  I’ve started using some of his tips and I see a definite improvement in my traffic already.

You can read more about this e-book here.


Top Resources To Increase Income

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing:

This is an e-course that teaches you all the secrets this blogger uses to make over $50,000 a month through affiliate marketing, and she shares all of my best tips in this course.

I grew my income from $1700 to $3000, exactly 1 month after getting this course! Definitely worth it! 

In this course, there are 6 modules, over 30 lessons, over 20 worksheets, bonuses, an extremely helpful exclusive Facebook group, and more, and she goes through everything when it comes to affiliate marketing, such as:

  • What affiliate marketing is and how it works
  • Why affiliate marketing is great
  • The exact steps she’s taken to earn over $300,000 from a single blog post
  • How to pick the right affiliate products to promote
  • How to increase conversions
  • How to build trust and not lose followers
  • Required disclosures that you need to know about
  • The one major tool you need for affiliate marketing
  • Different strategies to use to promote your affiliate products
  • How to use Pinterest to succeed at affiliate marketing (yes, this includes the newest Pinterest affiliate rules!)

Check out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing TODAY!

top recommended bloggin resources

Wealthy Affiliate:

This is an online community with over 100,000 online entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create a successful online business. It is taught by two online entrepreneurs who have successfully built an online business and now want to show you how to do it too. I have used this platform to learn many blogging tips over the past few months.

You should read more about it here.


Awesome Affiliate Networks I Use And Love

These companies are the middlemen between you and the companies you leave and want to promote!



This is an affiliate marketing network with over 1500 campaigns that you can promote on your website or blog. Those campaigns are in a variety of different niches you can get paid various rates. You can check out MaxBounty here.




This is an ad network similar to Google Adsense that allows bloggers to start displaying ads on their blogs/websites even though they are brand new. You can read more about it here.

Flex Offers:

This is an affiliate network that you can use to earn money from by advertising products on your blog or site. I earn over $1200 per month with Flexoffers because they have such a wide variety of products that bloggers in all niches can promote for money. Your blog needs to be set up before acceptance. Click here to learn more.

Please let me know if you use any of those resources to grow your blog or if you have any questions about any of those resources listed above.

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