Make Money Online Fast With These 5 Amazing Methods

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Many people think that it’s impossible to make money online or that all methods of making money online are ‘scams’. But, in reality, there are a ton of legitimate ways that you can make money online fast.

What’s more, most methods of making money online are fun and can give you the power to work on your own terms.

Today, this post will discuss 5 amazing ways to make $1000+ per month as quickly as possible


Here are 5 ways to make money online fast:


1. Take Online Surveys:

The easiest, fastest way to make a couple hundred dollars each month is by taking online surveys.

Why surveys?

  1. They’re fun to do
  2. They can make you a couple extra hundred dollars each month
  3. You get paid for sharing YOUR opinions…nothing can be easier than this
  4. There is no limit to how many sites you can join, so you can earn quite a bit if you’re so inclined

Here is a list of survey sites to try out today: I particularly like survey sites like SwagbucksGlobal Test MarketInboxdollarsCashcrateSurvey DownlineVindale ResearchYouGovPrize Rebel, My PointsTolunaMindspay and Survey Rewards.


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2. Write Short Stories/articles:

Writing short stories can be a really quick way to make money. These are a fun way to make some quick money if you’re in a crunch.

Here is a list of sites that you can submit articles to for cash:




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3. Complete quick tasks on Fiverr:

Every time I need something done really quickly, I check out Fiverr. They’re a crowdsourced website with thousands of individuals looking to provide services to busy people for a small fee. Some services that people who work on Fiverr provide include, writing short articles, designing logos, building websites, designing websites, graphics design, voice-overs, illustrations and so much more. The workers on this site generally get paid directly to PayPal once they’ve completed a task satisfactorily.

Therefore if you’re good at something (such as writing, graphic design, web design, coding etc) then consider freelancing on Fiverr as a way to make money online fast.


4. Start a blog:

This one doesn’t start out as a way to make fast money. In fact, when you first start a blog it might take you a month (or a couple of months)  to make your first few dollars. However, once your blog is past 6 months old you can make lots of money from it at lightning speed it seems. For instance, I make over $100 from my blog daily and I’ve only had it for 9 and a couple weeks months (as of July 21st 2017). This is equivalent to a full-time income. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to make a lot of money fast, this is definitely one to consider.

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5. Test websites and apps:

This is another quick way to make money online. You get paid about $10 for testing out sites for usability and giving a synopsis of how your experience was. User Testing is an awesome site to try out for such opportunities. Also, you can check out this post for a detailed list of companies that will pay you to test websites and apps.

These are some great ways to make money online fast.  With school around the corner, these are a great way to take the bit of back to school spending. Give some of them a try!


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