Great Ways To Make Money Online As A Teen (Under 18)

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When it comes to finding great ways to make money online as a teen, I’m sure you will agree with me that this is hard.

If you’re looking for real ways to make money online as a teen, then you will love this post.

Here is a list of online jobs that you can start for free to earn real money online as a teenager.


Use those tips if you’re under 18 and looking for ways to make money online as a teen.


  • Get your parents’ permission especially if the job requires parental consent
  • Get your parents help in setting up a payment method such as PayPal or use your parents PayPal account (with their permission) if they have one. Most legitimate online jobs only payout through PayPal. In order to set up a PayPal account, you must be 18+.
  • Be wary of any online jobs for teens that require a sign-up cost.


What will you gain from getting a job online?


  • Of course some extra spending money. Who doesn’t need that, right?
  • You will gain valuable work experience.
  • You will get familiar with money. Not just an allowance but real money that you worked for.
  • You can also get some experience in managing money from a young age.
  • You also have the opportunity to become more responsible and accountable.

There aren’t many ways to make money online as a teen. However, I’ve put together a list of some websites that are hiring people from age 13 and above.


12 ways to make money online as a teen.

12 great ways for teens to make money online. Check them out now so that you can make some extra cash!

1. Paid to post on forums or websites


  • Post loop: This is a free website where you get paid to post comments on blogs or forums about topics you enjoy or have an interest in. This is a way to generate activity on those blogs or websites. You must have good grammar and punctuation.


  • This work at home opportunity is available worldwide. Payments are made via PayPal. Post Loop has a referral program to help you increase your income. This can help you to increase your monthly earning. So don’t hesitate to share this opportunity with people you think might be interested in posting on online forums for extra cash.

You can sign up for Post Loop here.


  • The Forum Wheel: The forum Wheel is an online posting exchange network which allows writers to earn money by posting in forums they’re interested in. You earn credits for posting which can then be converted to cash at any time.


  • Pay rates are $0.05 -$0.13 per post. Payments can be requested at any time as there is no minimum cash out. There are no age restrictions so anyone can use The Forum Wheel.

You can sign up for The Forum Wheel here.


2. Review music and more for cash


  •  Slice the pie: This website is free to join and your job is to write reviews on new songs, fashion items, commercials and accessories before they are released.


  • Slice the pie will pay you through PayPal once you have earned a total of $10.00 or more. To date, they’ve paid over $2 million to their users.


  • Also, you can get your slice the pie work done from your apple or android device once you’ve downloaded the app.

You can sign up for slice the pie here.


  • Music x-ray: This is a legitimate free website which lets you listen to songs for your feedback. The songs are by artists and musicians who are trying to get noticed and build a fan base. You get paid $0.10 for every song you listen to. Payments are made via PayPal once you earn $20.00.

You can sign up for music x-ray here.

ways to make money online


3. Get paid for your opinions with surveys sites


There are some companies that are interested in getting the opinions of the younger population. They are willing to pay cash for your time.

  • Cashcrate: You can take paid surveys with Cashcrate if you’re between 13 and 18. Get your parents consent before you join Cashcrate.



  • MintVine: You can take paid surveys with MintVine if your 13 and above and are from the US or Canada. You can sign up for Mint Vine here.



Even if you’re under 18, you can earn money from some survey sites. Click here for a list of survey sites that will pay you to take surveys online.


3. Get paid to test websites


  • Loop 11: This is a website that will pay you to test the usability of websites and apps. All you need is an internet connection and the requested device such as a mobile phone or laptop. Your tests and reviews help companies to improve their websites or apps.


  • Usability testing varies in length and payment, with a 10-minute test paying about $1 while a 30-minute test may pay around $4-$5. You can sign up as long as you’re over 14 years of age.

You can sign up for Loop 11 here.

4. Get paid for your creativity


  • Zazzle: Are you a young artist, photographer or graphic designer? You can be making some money with your talent. Zazzle Inc has a program which allows you to sell your artwork to lots of clients.


  • All you have to do is create your designs or artwork or take pictures, upload onto products of your choice (such as t-shirts, cell phone cases, business cards and so on) on Zazzle’s website. When a customer likes your product and buys, Zazzle will take care of the printing, shipping etc and you get paid.

Your pay is dependent on you as you have the option to add anywhere from 5% to 99% royalty to the basic price of the product.

ways for teens to make money online


You can also share products from Zazzle’s website on your social media and earn 15% of a product’s price every time someone purchases through your link.


Payments are via PayPal or check

$50 threshold via PayPal. You can request payment under $50 but there will be a $2.50 charge from Zazzle if you do so.

$100 threshold via check. You can request payment under $100 but there will be a $5.00 charge from Zazzle if you do so.

Zazzle also has opportunities for crafters and manufacturers. You must be 13 and older to work with Zazzle.

You can sign up for Zazzle here.


5. Get paid to become an influencer


Become an influencer at Boostinsider today. If you’re 13 and above you can sign up with Boostinsider and get paid to promote products you are interested in via social media.

Boostinsider is free to join and anyone around the world can become an influencer with this website. This is another great way to make money online as a teen.

You can sign up for Boostinsider here.

Ways for teens to earn money


Have an adult with you to read through the sites you’re interested in very carefully. Also, if you’re under 18, ensure you have gotten permission from your parents before you start working online.


6. Start a teen blog

Do you know that you can start a teen blog and make money from it? Check out the owner of this great teen blog called for more inspiration on teen blogging.

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Good luck with those 12 ways for teens to earn money online and feel free to leave a comment below about how your job is going.


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