How I Made $6017.81 Blogging In July 2020

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It’s been a long time since I wrote one of these, but with the state of the world and people looking for ways to make a living online, I thought I’d share my latest income report with you to help inspire you.

So, if you’re out of a job, looking for new ways to make money, or trying to find some ideas and inspiration, this article is a must read.

I started blogging back in 2016 when I needed to find a way to earn money from home. Fast forward 3 and a half years later, I have started 4 blogs, lost one (due to a pinterest ban) and been able to keep 3 of them going which account for the $6000 in online income that I made in July 2020.


Why am I sharing my income report now?

There is one simple reasons why I’m sharing my income report now and this is it. The world is in a very strange place and it’s very important for people to be able to find alternative sources of income whether that be online or out in the ‘real’ world.

Before we begin, if you want to start a blog and you have not yet done so, I wrote some really in-depth articles that can help you start and set up your blog even if you’re a complete beginner. 

You can use the links below to help you get started:

These steps will help you start your blog, which you can then use to earn money online.


Now, let’s get into the income report.

Keep in mind, this income is split between the 3 blogs I currently operate.

I always set goals at the start of every month to help keep me accountable. These were the goals I set for July 2020.

  1. Get 350,000 overall page views in July (across all 3 blogs)
  2. Earn $5700 from mediavine overall in July 
  3. Earn $130+ from amazon associates


Here’s what actually happened.

I got 315,000 page views in July 2020 on my biggest blog.


I also got 19,058 page views on Smartnancials in July.


And lastly, I get 3250 page views on my smallest blog. 


Now for the earnings.

I earned $5512. 20 from my biggest blog from hosting mediavine ads.



I earned $345. 22 from mediavine on this blog (smartnancials)


And lastly, I earned $53.09 on my smallest blog (this blog gets no pinterest traffic as it was banned by Pinterest in January 2020) 


As you can see from the page views versus the income earned from each blog, page views are extremely important when it comes to earning from ads and I will share with you how I am able to get 300000+ views per month with my 1 year 2 month old blog from leveraging pinterest.


On to amazon associates earnings. I earned a total of $107.32 on amazon in July.

I almost achieved my page views goal but missed by a few thousand. I surpassed my income goals and again, i almost made it to my amazon associates earning goal.


Blog expenese for July 2020

Web Hosting: $98.95 ( I started with siteground web hosting for the price but switch to bigscoots about a few months ago when my traffic started to grow massively)

Tailwind: $15.00 (Mainly use it for the tribes feature)

Outsourcing pin design creation: $600.00 (for 300 pins per month)

Keysearch: $11.00

Total Expenses: $ 724.95


Net income for July 2020: $5292.86


What helped me earn $6000+ in July 2020.

From the beginning of my blogging journey, I have understood the importance of growing traffic or page views and I have worked diligently to help grow my views.

Pinterest is my main source of traffic and whenever traffic goes up, income goes up as well.  In order to grow,  I have been focusing on 2 simple things. They are:

1. Uploading new pins with catchy text overlay daily. (I typically upload 5 -10 new pins every single day)

2. Using great seo pin descriptions and titles for every single pin.

This is the strategy that I have employed from the first day I started my newest blog (which is a food blog which now earns the most with ads)

By using the new pins strategy, I have grown the blog to 1.4 million page views in 1 year and 2 months.


I used to make all of my pins all by myself, but now, I use and recommend  Valcin from fiverr for pin designs. He’s quick professional and does amazing work.

Making new pins every day, plus creating content, doing research and all the other parts of blogging can be a time suck.  Plus, although pinterest itself stresses the importance of new pins, I no longer have the time to make them. 

So I outsource pin creation which makes it easier for me and I always have fresh pins. Fresh pins are which makes pinterest happy and helps me grow my traffic. 

You should check out Valcin on Fiverr if you’re like me and want great, affordable pins but don’t want to spend your time making them. You’ll thank me later!

Also, I mentioned Tailwind tribes. I love those as they help my pins get shares and saves which help them go further on the pinterest.

Pinterest is an easy platform to use. In the past, I used to think it was rocket science, three years later, I understand that it is a simple process. Upload new pins consistently over a few months with great catchy, great seo pins titles, and great seo pin descriptions and you will see the results.

If you’ve started blogging, then it’s important to use pinterest as a source of traffic so get on it, create your account and start promoting your blog posts in Pinterest.

Lastly, if you’re completely new and have no idea how pinterest can work for your blogging journey, read here. 

I’ve been blogging for a while and it works. All it needs is a little patience and implementing the right strategies and you will achieve your goals of earning money from your blog like I have been doing for more than 3 years now.

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