How To Make Money Blogging: The Ultimate Guide

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Today you’re going to learn how to make money blogging so that you can finally start earning a monthly income from your blog.

There are two ways to make money blogging.

They include:

  1. Selling your own stuff
  2. Selling or promoting someone’s product or service and getting paid for it.

In this post, you will learn exactly how to make money with a blog, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced.

You will also get a list of websites that you can sign up for in order to start making money on your blog.


  1. A blog that’s set up properly. Read how to start a blog in less than 30 minutes here.

  2. Content that brings visitors to your blog.

  3. Relationships with other bloggers.

  4. A strong platform

  5. Lucrative income streams


Things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about how to actually start making money from blogging

1. Contrary to popular belief, bloggers do not earn money from content. The content on your blog only facilitates traffic, which in turn may convert to clicks, sales or sign ups. It is from those clicks, sales or sign-ups that the money really comes from.

2. There are many income streams that you can take advantage of as a blogger.  If you want to make money on a blog you will need to have multiple streams of income since the income from some can cease completely over time, while others will grow exponentially over months and even years.

This is how to make money on ablog.

3. You will need to build trust with your visitors, and this will happen by providing valuable information to them AT ALL TIMES. This doesn’t mean that you can’t monetize your blog from the beginning. In fact, I recommend that you start to monetize as early as possible if one of your goals is to make money on your blog. Earning your first $1.00 from your blog may just be the thing to keep you motivated and consistent with blogging.


Ensure you Monetize Organically

4. Make sure you’re monetizing your blog organically.  This means that you should sell/sponsor products that have some sort of relation to your website content or niche. For instance, if your blog is about health and fitness, try to find affiliate programs that are related to health and fitness or create your own products (e-books for instance) that relate to health and fitness. This is the type of information that your visitors are expecting and are interested in.

This is how to make money on a blog


5. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. Don’t get me wrong, you can become rich off a blog, but it won’t happen overnight.

6. Although the concept of blogging is quite simple, less than 25% of bloggers earn a consistent income from their blogs. Why? Because the other 75% become inconsistent, and they don’t dedicate time to learning the techniques of successful bloggers.


26 awesome ways to make money blogging!


The most successful bloggers are people just like you and me, who dedicate time to learning how to make money from their blogs and most importantly, they implement the strategies used by other successful bloggers on their own blogs.

Don’t be phased! You can become part of the 25% of successful bloggers if you’re committed, consistent and if you’re constantly learning how to improve your blog.

And the good news is you’re already a step ahead of most people who start blogging.

How come, you’re asking?

Well, most people who start off blogging do it as a hobby, they don’t explore the idea of using their blog as a source of income until a few months or even years of blogging.

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You are here now, and you’re already learning about how to make money on a blog. Therefore, you have a great head start. You’re already doing that thing I hinted at! You’re  learning!! And if you keep it up and implement the good strategies that you learn, I have no doubt that you will succeed as a blogger.

You’re here to learn so without further ado, these are methods on how to make money on a blog.

Click through to this post to learn how to make money blogging especially for beginners. I use those awe monetization techniques to make money from my blog each month! You can too!

how to make money on a blog


This is the process of allowing ads on your blog.

Types of blog advertising options


Ad Networks

An ad network is a company that connects advertisers to bloggers and other website owners who want to host advertisements in order to earn cash.


How to make money blogging with popular Ad Networks.

When you join an ad network Such as Google AdSense, you as a blogger or website owner will be provided with a code by the ad network.

You will then use this code to place an ad space on your blog which is then filled with advertisements purchased by advertisers who use Google for their advertising.

Many ads are determined by the keywords you use on your blog, so they are likely to be niche related. You get paid a commission based on the number of people who see, click, purchase, sign up for or otherwise act on an advertisement.

When starting out as a new blogger with little to no traffic you will find that many ad networks simply won’t accept your website. Don’t worry, there are some networks that would love to display their ads on your blog. Here is a list of ad networks that work with new or smaller bloggers to help them earn through advertising.


Some important definitions to keep in mind


how make money blogging



Google AdSense

  • Revenue share: 68% for display ads and 51% for search ads

  • Payment method: Check, bank transfer, EFT, Rapida, Western Union, once you earn $100 or more.

  • What they pay you for: CPC and CPM

  • Traffic minimum: None

  • Payment terms: NET 30

You can read more about using Google Adsense on your blog here.



  • Revenue Share: 70%

  • Payment method: PayPal or wire transfer.

  • What they pay you for: CPC, CPM,

  • Traffic minimum: None

  • Payment minimum: $10

  • Payment terms: NET 30

You can read more about becoming a Chitika publisher here.



  • Revenue Share: unspecified

  • Payment method: PayPal/ eCheck, Payoneer, Bank transfer,

  • What they pay you for: CPC

  • Traffic minimum: None

  • payout minimum: $50

You can read more about becoming an Infolinks publisher here.


Yes Advertising

  • Revenue share: up to 60%

  • Payment method: PayPal, Check, Payoneer, Wire transfer

  • What they pay you for: CPC, CPM, CPA

  • Traffic minimum: None

  • Payment minimum: $50

  • Payment terms: Net 15

You can read more about becoming a Yes advertising publisher here.


Propeller Ads

  • Revenue share: 80%

  • Payment method: Payoneer, bank wire, prepaid MasterCard

  • What they pay you for: CPC, CPA, CPM

  • Traffic minimum: None

  • payment minimum: $100 via Payoneer and $500 via wire transfer

  • Payment terms: NET 30

You can read more about being a publisher at Propeller Ads here.


Revenue Hits

  • Revenue share: Variable

  • Payment method: PayPal, wire transfer, Payoneer

  • What they pay you for: CPC,

  • Traffic minimum: None

  • Payment minimum: $50

  • Payment terms: Net 30

You can read more about being a Revenue Hits publisher here.



  • Revenue share: Variable

  • Payment method: Paypal

  • What they pay you for: CPC

  • Traffic Minimum: None

  • Payment minimum: $10

  • Payment terms: Net 30

You can read more about being a BidVertiser publisher here.


Mediavine ads:

These are the ads that I currently display on my blog. They’re awesome since they help me earn so much more than Google Adsense or any other ad network listed above. Additionally, they pay their publishers via impressions and not via clicks like most other ad networks do. Keep in mind that you will only get approved as a Mediavine ad publisher, you need to have 25k or more sessions each month.


Affiliate Networks

When you join an Affiliate Network such as Share a Sale, you as a blogger/website owner will then be able to apply to join specific advertising campaigns for various stores, websites and so on. If accepted into any specific affiliate program, you will be provided with text or banner images that you can use to create campaigns on your blog.

Therefore, you can say that you have more control over this form of advertising versus the ad networks. You get paid a commission based on the number of people who see, click, purchase, sign up for or otherwise act on an advertisement.


Here are some affiliate networks that you can join. (Most accept new bloggers)

Becoming an Independent Affiliate for Independent Merchants.

There is another aspect to being an affiliate. It involves you doing your own research for websites, products or services and signing up to become an affiliate for them directly from their website, rather than via an affiliate network.

You may be surprised by the vast number of businesses willing to compensate you for promoting their product or service. Always ensure that you are promoting products or services with some relation to your blog or niche.


Private ads

This is obviously for more advanced bloggers who have a large following. You can read this article about it here.


Paid reviews

As a blogger, you can make hundreds of dollars by reviewing the products or services you use. Here is a list of websites that help bloggers (pro and new) connect with advertisers looking for reviews.

Sponsored Reviews

Pay Per Post







2. Sell physical products

Yes, you can treat a blog like an eCommerce and sell products and receive payments directly on your blog. In fact, here are some themes you can install if you want to use your blog as an eCommerce site. You would need to install the free WooCommerce plugin found in in order to make your blog function as an eCommerce platform.

Click here for very affordable WordPress eCommerce Hosting from SiteGround.


Also if you own a store on Etsy, Amazon or eBay, you can use your blog to promote those products.

It can be used as an advertising tool where you write content surrounding your products, build a following and refer viewers to your store to purchase.


3. Sell digital products

You can create promote and sells digital products such as eBooks, e-courses, printables, photos, music and web elements.

how make money blogging


4. How to make money blogging by providing services:

If you’re a personal trainer, graphic designer, tutor, etc you can use your blog as a way of advertising the services you offer and make money off your blog.

You can also learn how to make money from your blog by studying the methods that bloggers in your respective niche are using. This type of information can be invaluable to your growth!


This is an e-course that I’m currently enrolled in. It’s taught by a blogger who makes over $100,000 per month and she’s sharing her awesome tips to help more people earn money from blogging. I highly recommend it if you want to make money from blogging.


Bonus tips on getting traffic to your blog.


By increasing traffic to your, you are also increasing your chances of making money on your blog as soon as possible.

1.Invest a small amount of money into promoted posts on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all offer promoted posts for their business users (add links here) You can invest as little as $1 to get some exposure for your blog and drive some traffic to it. The more traffic you have, the more likely you are to make money on your blog.


Here are some other ways to get traffic to your blog


2. Write some guest posts for ‘pro bloggers’ in your niche. Make sure to link back to your blog. This can help you get good traffic to your blog.


Use Keyword Search Tools

3. When writing your content, make sure to write your content around keywords with high to medium traffic and low competition so that you can rank in Google quicker and get good traffic to your blog.

This could be quite difficult to do if you’re new or if your blog is in a very competitive niche. However, you can use this awesome tool called Jaaxy to help you navigate this big problem.

Jaaxy helps you see exactly how many blogs or websites are competing for any keyword you’re interested in. Read this post for some more information on Jaaxy.

With Jaaxy, you can also learn the monthly searches for each keyword as well as the average monthly traffic you can get to your blog if you use a particular keyword and rank on the first page in google search.

You can also use Google keyword to get good keywords for your blog, but I think Jaaxy is more appropriate and more beginner friendly. I actually use both, but I find Jaaxy to be better because it’s easier to understand, it’s designed specifically for the content creator (such as a blogger) rather than for advertisers (unlike Google keywords planner) and it makes it easy to create content that I know will drive some traffic to my blog.

You can sign up for Jaaxy here to try it out for yourself.


how to make money on a blog


4. Also, install the Yoast SEO plugin. This will help you to easily create on-page Search Engine Optimization.

This will help you increase or get more traffic.


You’ve now learned some great ways bloggers get paid.

Are you ready to start your own money making blog?

If you want to start making money with a blog, I recommend that you experiment with some of those strategies you’ve learned here, as well as others you’ve learned or may learn elsewhere online. This is the only way to know what works or doesn’t for your specific blog and your audience in terms of generating income.

If you think you’re ready to become a successful blogger, you can read this article on how to start a blog on a super low budget for guidance.

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  • September 14, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    This was the best info I’ve found so far! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this all together. Every single article I’ve read about blogging and affiliate marketing is the exact same! They all give the same info over and over with no resources listed for us new bloggers. This was huge! Thank you!

    • September 15, 2016 at 1:21 pm

      Thanks so much Missy! I worked super hard to put it together and I’m glad it was so well received. I hope it helps you out and you’re able to monetize your blog successfully and see great results! Thanks again for your nice words.

  • February 21, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    Well, I’ve got to say as a new blogger, I have read many many of these post, but wow!, yours is refreshing! So different from the ones I’ve read, you actually have some really good content and advice on how to monetize a blog, even for newer ones! Thank you so much for sharing this great information!

    • March 8, 2017 at 1:51 pm

      Hi Christina! Thanks so much for your kind words and I’m super happy that this post benefited you! 🙂

  • June 6, 2017 at 6:52 am

    Enjoyed your info on how to make money blogging. I am so much interested in learning. I am not computer savvy. Paid for a site to start my blog but got scared and have not started yet. Want to find site where someone will walk me through getting started step by step. Thanks so much for telling what cpc is cpa and all those letters. I do not want to be dumb but I just did not know. Hope to follow more of your blogs. Thanks again

    • June 7, 2017 at 2:14 pm

      Hi Penny!

      So excited that this post was so helpful to you! 🙂 BTW, never worry about sounding dumb, even I don’t know lots of blogging related stuff at this stage. It’s all a learning process 🙂

      If I understand you well, you have purchased your hosting and domain plan and you just need so guidance in setting up your blog. If I’m right about this, then you can follow the blog set up guide that I created for newbies. You can find it at the bottom of this blog post.

      In it, you will find quite a few helpful links that show you video walkthroughs of the various steps you need to follow to have your blog fully set up.

      The information is pretty start forward but if you ever need any help feel free to contact me via email or here. Which ever will suit you best.


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