How To Choose And Install A Theme For WordPress

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After you’ve purchased your web hosting plan and installed, it’s time to choose and install a theme for your blog

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more information.



”A WordPress theme changes the design of your website, often including its layout. Changing your theme changes how your site looks on the front-end, i.e. what a visitor sees when they browse to your site on the web.”

There are two different ways to install a theme on

  1. Choose and install a free theme from the repository.
  2. Find, Purchase, download and install a premium WordPress theme.


When choosing a theme, remember these guidelines:

  1. Choose a theme that you love
  2. Choose a theme that will appeal to your ideals reader
  3. Choose a theme that is responsive. i.e able to be viewed on both mobile, tablet and computer.
  4. Choose a theme that is very customizable.


Here is the process of choosing and installing a free theme from the WordPress theme repository. (This is a great option if you are low on funds or haven’t decided on a premium theme as yet)

To Install a FREE WordPress Theme

Step #1:  Go to  Appearance > Themes

choose a wordpress theme

Step #2: Click on Add New

choose wordpress theme

Step #3: Click on the available themes in the repository. There are over a hundred to choose from.  To make the process easier, you can use the search bar to type in a word that describes the kind of theme you want, such as, white, blue, left sidebar etc. You will be shown a list of themes with those specific properties.wordpress themes

In order to test out the different themes that you will come across, click on details & preview to see what each theme looks like.

free wordpress themes

Step#4: Click on the install button when you find a free theme that you like.

activate wordpress theme

The theme will take a few second to install. After it has been installed,  a green check mark will appear on your screen.

free themes for wordpress

Now click the Activate button and your theme is installed and activated.

choose a theme for wordpress

Congrats! You’ve now chosen, installed and activated a free WordPress theme!


How to find, purchase, install and activate a PREMIUM  WordPress themes.

If you prefer a  premium theme, and haven’t made up your mind on which theme you would like, I highly suggest having a look at Creative Market. They have some great, affordable (as low as $15)  and very well designed themes that you can choose for your blog.  Also, if you’re really into design and making things look beautiful, they have awesome fonts that you can purchase and, they’re having some sales right now. Click here to go to Creative Market and browse some awesome themes.

Step#1: Purchase your premium theme.

Step#2: You will be provided with a .zip file containing your newly purchased theme. Download this .zip file onto your computer

In your WordPress dashboard,

Step#3: Go to Appearance>Themes

how to choose and install a theme for wordpress

Step#4 Click on Add New

premium theme

Step #5: Click on Upload Theme

Step #6: Click on Choose File (locate and upload the .zip file you download to your computer.)

Step #7: Click on Install Now and wait a few seconds will it uploads.
paid themes for wordpressStep #8: Click Activate.


That’s it! You’ve installed and activated your premium WordPress theme. Now it’s time to start customizing!

In order to customize, do a Google or youtube search for the name of your theme. You will find tons of resources on how to customize your new WordPress theme to make your blog look just the way you want it to.

I hope this post has been helpful to you. Let me know in the comments below how I could improve this post or how it helped you out!





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