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As a new blogger, it sucks to see your page views stuck at the same number time and again. I’ve been there as I explain in my post about why my first blog failed.

When I started this blog…my second, I took a completely different approach with my blog promotion strategy. I decided to implement social media promotion into the mix.

This has been one of the best decisions I have made for my blog.

Month after month, I keep seeing an increase in my page views and my small blog income and I want you to experience the same too.

This is why I have created this resource for you!

This is my traffic for my first month as a blogger: September 2016

This is my traffic growth four months later: January 2017


I have been able to grow my traffic to over 12,000 page views in such a short time.

This is why I have created a resource which outlines everything I do to increase my traffic each month. I want to help you see my mistakes and my successes, so that if you’re new, you can get an idea of how to start driving traffic to your small blog.

In this resource you will learn:

1. My three key sources of traffic each month.

2. The exact steps I take to get and increase my traffic month by month.

3. The most important takeaways and action steps that you can implement to increase your own traffic.

Did I mention that this is a 12-month series? I am documenting my blog traffic stats and the things I do each month for my first year of blogging. This should be really interesting and insightful!

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