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This resource is created with NEWBIES in mind. Its main aim is to provide actionable tips and tricks that will help you get better results for your blog /biz in less time!


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Here’s exactly what you will get in this resource library:

1. Month-by-Month updates of everything I’m doing to get traffic to my very own new blog.

Having successfully completed my first two months of blogging in September and October 2016, Month 1 and 2 are available to you right now!

With your access to the free resource library, you will have access to detailed updates of what I do every month for the next 11 months to grow my blog traffic and income.


I believe the most critical year of a startup biz/blog is YEAR ONE. For most, this is the slowest year in terms of traffic and income and there is a massive learning curve that can easily overwhelm.

Due to this, many newbies quit within year one.

I want you to stay on track with your biz/blog and so, I decided to provide this valuable resource so that not only can you grow together with me, but, you can also see everything I’m doing and if what I’m doing in my own biz/blog aligns with your values, then you can implement the successful strategies I’m using!

And ultimately conquer the first year of your online blog or biz successfully!

2. Worksheets, Checklists, and Cheatsheets



3. Newbie Guides to resources that will make blogging 10x easier for you by saving you tons of time. (stick around to find out what those are!)


*Available right now!  A collection of 130+ Pinterest group boards to join in 8 different niches

*Available right now!  A list of popular tools used by blog bloggers to improve productivity and save time!

By the way, once you sign up you get unlimited access to this free library, so, you will also have access to everything else I create in the future!

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