Day 7 Blogging Course: Everything New Bloggers Need To Know To Become Successful

Welcome to Day 7!

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Day 7 Blogging Course: Everything New Bloggers Need To Know To Become Successful

This lesson is about 10 really important pieces of advice I believe every new blogger needs to become successful at blogging or to develop a success mindset when it comes to their blog!

These are things that I wish I knew when I first started out. Read below to get those awesome tips:

1. Create 10- 25 amazing blog posts before your blog goes live. In Day 8 (Your bonus) I show you exactly how to create blog posts that get you visitors to your blog from the very beginning! You need to learn how to find out your potential readers ‘problems’ and you need to learn how to write blog posts that offer solutions to those problems. Lesson eight will teach you how to do this.

2. Create amazing social media graphics. If you’re going to be using either Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook to market your blog initially, you need to create images that grab people’s attentions. For quite a while, I didn’t quite understand how important this really was. Here are some easy to follow videos that show you how to do this using Pic Monkey or Canva.

3.Make sure your headlines are catchy and indicate that your post will solve a problem- Here is a way to generate great ones!

4. Make sure you write posts that help your readers out. Always ask yourself, What problem does this post solve for my readers? No one will waste time reading through something that doesn’t help them solve a problem.

5. Find a few inspirational bloggers in your niche and subscribe to their newsletter for some great tips and inspiration for your blog.

6. Learn to use a scheduler for Pinterest: Boardbooster is great.

7. Don’t be afraid to invest in your blog, but be careful not to go overboard. I highly recommend that you find some great courses and ebooks about blogging. I recommend that you try to invest in at least 1 each month so that you:

  • Don’t overspend
  • Give yourself the chance to go through the blogging resource and learn as much as you can within that month.

When I started blogging last year, I was anti-spending money on my blog (I guess that was because I was really broke haha).

However, now, I make it a point to invest in 1 resource per month that will help grow my blog. It is worth noting that my blog has really started to grow since I started investing in resources that teach me how to maximize my income and visitors each month.

If you have the funds available make it a point to get at least one of those resources each month, you will not regret it!

Here is a list of the course and books I recommend to help you skyrocket your blog growth: I use them myself and I’ve seen some great results from Implementing the tips they t\each teach:

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing
Amazon Associates Ebook
Pinteresting Strategies

8. Be Patient
This may sound cliche, but you really need to be patient with your blog and its growth. Blogging is an amazing way to make money online, however, it is not an instantaneous thing. In fact, I made only $50 and got 1100 visitors in my first month as a blogger.

On the other hand, there a few bloggers who make enough to quit their jobs within a month or two of blogging. However those are exceptions.

You can expect to start making real money from your blog in 6 months to a year if you invest time and some money in great resources – and most importantly if you’re implementing what you learn.

Too many bloggers quit too early. Don’t be one of them!

Having said that, here are some things you should do in the first few months when things seem slow:

  •  Work on your blog as much as possible, if you can every single day.
  • Join blogging groups to network with other newbies and keep yourself motivated.
  • Learn from the blogging  pros.
  • Celebrate all you small (or big) wins!

9. Don’t try to make everything perfect (blog posts, your actual blog, your blog name) because it never will be. You just need to start! Publish that post, make your blog live, send out that email. You will learn, grow and evolve in the process!

10. Everyone starts at zero. No matter how farther along everyone else seems to be, they started at the same place you are right now, so don’t get discouraged at your lack or visitors or your low income at any given point in time when you first start out. If you continue to work on your strategies, you will get to the point you want to be and you will be happy that you kept going.

These are my important tips for new bloggers. I hope each of them helps you out!

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