Day 5 Blogging Course: How To Make Money Blogging

Welcome to Day 5 guys! This course is slowly winding down. I hope you’ve been learning a lot over the past couple of days. If you have, feel free to reply to this email and let me know how it’s been helping you!

In Day 3, you learned how to create a blog, If you missed this lesson, click the link above to get this lesson. Otherwise, let’s move on to today’s lesson.

How to make money blogging.

It goes without saying that this is a super popular topic in the blogging world.

A large portion of people who start blogs, do so with the intention of making some money doing it. Who would blame them? Blogging is an amazing way to earn money and fulfill your various passions in life.

What’s more, so many people are sharing their stories of how much they make from blogging. They also share how blogging has helped them become stay at home parents or successful busines people who make unlimited amounts of money each month. Beacuse of blogging they’re able to spend time with their kids, travel, buy new houses, buy the cars of their dreams, pay off debt and most of all, get freedom to do whatever, whenever. This makes blogging a very attractive thing for most.

But, where exactly does the money come from?

The money comes from affiliate networks, affiliate programs, advertising networks, sponsors, ebooks, e-courses and a list of other things. In short, you make money in many, many different ways on a blog.

Here are some ways you can start to make money as a new blogger.

Display Ad Networks

Display ads are advertisements that you host on your blog. You can place them in a variety of places such as within a blog post, in your blog’s sidebar, in your blog’s header and so on. You get paid through display advertising in two ways:

  • If someone clicks on your ads. With Google Adsense, every time someone clicks on your ads you get paid anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars.
  • If you get a certain number of impressions on your ads. This is referred to as CPM which means cost per 1000 impressions. For instance, I get paid $10-$15 for every thousand impressions I get from the ads hosted on my blog at the moment. Impressions are the number of times ads are shown to people on my blog.

This is a super easy way to make money from a blog if you have a good number of visitors monthly (tips on getting visitors to your blog in lesson 6). All you will need to do is sign up for a great ad network and place a code somewhere on your blog (the ad networks give very detailed instructions on how to do this)

Here are some popular ad networks new bloggers should try out. Google AdsenseMedia.netInfolinks.

When you become more advanced and start to get more visitors, you should apply for ad networks like ad thrive and media vine since they pay you way more than any other ad network.

Sponsored Posts and Ads

As a blogger, you can make thousands of dollars by reviewing the products or services you use. Here is a list of websites that help bloggers (pro and new) connect with advertisers looking for reviews.

Sponsored Reviews

Pay Per Post



Affiliate Marketing

This is the process of adding links to your blog from companies who want to increase their sales and get the word out about their products or services. You would usually get a unique affiliate link which you can then add to your blog posts or anywhere else on your blog.

Once someone buys (products/services) via your unique affiliate link, you make some money (called a commission) from this sale. Here is a list of affiliate marketing networks I use and recommend. I join most of my affiliate programs through those networks.
Share A Sale

Selling your own course/books

You can also make money from blogging by creating your own e-book or e-course that you sell to people who visit your blog. This is one of the quickest ways to make money from a blog.

For instance, if you’re in the health and fitness niche, you can create an e-book or e-course that teaches people how to lose weight and not gain it back.

If you’re in the relationship niche, you can create a course or e-book that teaches people how to get their ex back for good after there’s been a bad break up.

These are just a few examples, but you can create products that you sell to your readers and you can make some good money with this method if your product helps solve a pressing issue that your target readers face.

How do you actually get your money?

As a blogger, you usually get paid via PayPal, check via mail or wire transfer once you’ve earned money.

For instance, most of my money gets to me via PayPal which is very secure. A few of the affiliate programs I’m a part of pay via wire transfer or check.

When do you actually start making money?

This is all up to you! Honestly!

On my current blog,, I made $51.25 with Google Adsense in my first full month of blogging. As of my 9th month blogging, I make close to $3000 per month from my blog.

However, I know of bloggers who made over $1000 in their 3rd-month blogging and others who have only started to make a couple hundred from their blogs almost a year into their blogging journey.

I’m making money from my blog because I’ve invested some time and money into learning how to ‘properly’ monetize my blog.

In the beginning, when I could not afford to invest any money in learning material, I invested a lot of time in reading as much ‘free information’ as I could find about how to make money blogging. I learned a lot that way and my blog grew to approximately $1700 per month in 7 months. This was great, but I knew I could be making more money from my blog, especially since I had over 25k visitors per month at that time.

I decided to invest in an affiliate marketing course taught by a lady who makes over $100,000/month blogging. If you have the funds available, I highly recommend getting this course as it will help you start off on the right foot in terms of making money from your blog.
Click here to check out the course and what you can learn from it.

For a while, I was hesitant to get the e-course since it is a bit pricey at $197USD.

However, I now regret not having gotten it sooner. I went from making $1700 on my blog to making almost $3000 from my blog, exactly 1 month after I purchased the e-course. So, I’d say it was well worth the price!

This is a course to consider getting as soon as you can afford it.

Can New bloggers make money blogging?

Of course! Anyone can make money blogging. All it takes is this simple formula:

Start a blog + Learn to monetize it effectively + Get people to visit your blog (tips on this in lesson 6) = Make money blogging.

Again, anyone on the planet can do this. Whether your focus or message is unique, super popular online, new, you can make money sharing your message. The internet is a massive place with massive potential. It’s all up to YOU whether you take advantage of this or not!

Stay tuned for lesson 6 where we discuss simple ways to get people to visit your blog.

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