Day 4 Blogging Course: Detailed Blog Set Up Guide

Welcome to Day 4!

Todays’ lesson will walk you through the actual process of setting up your blog.

In yesterday’s lesson, you learned how to choose and awesome blog name/domain name in minutes and how to start your own blog. However, from experience, I’m assuming that your blog is virtually blank.

In today’s lesson, I will walk you through the process of populating your blog with all the necessary parts.

Many times, a ‘How To Start A Blog Tutorial’ won’t teach you anything past lesson 3. This is very unfortunate since many new bloggers are left trying to figure out everything on their own. Many times, some even give up because it’s all too overwhelming to set up a blog, without any guidance.


Last year when I registered my personal finance blog, I was sitting home with a very blank looking blog and I just didn’t know what to do.


Thank god that the internet has so much information about WordPress and blogging, however, even at that, if you just don’t know what you’re looking for – blogging jargon can be a bit confusing – you can still become pretty overwhelmed trying to navigate this part of setting up your blog.

Lesson 4 is aimed at solving this problem for you. So that you never have to feel overwhelmed when setting up the various parts of your blog.


All of the steps I’ve linked here are easy. However, considering that you’re very new to blogging, some things may seem foreign to you. Don’t worry…It’s normal, even I was in that positon. Just look at the videos, or read through the posts a couple of times before attempting the steps. You will find that you become quite easy to understand and implement over time.


What’s more, I have made sure to link back mostly to video tutorials to make it easier for you to understand.


Here are all the steps you need to follow to set up your blog.

Note: This process might take a while to complete.

It took me a full month to set up my blog to a point where I was ready to launch it to the world. However, I had to search for all those guides on my own, so, since you have the guides all in one place, it should take you less time.

Her is what you should do:

1. Visit a few blogs that you enjoy (layout, color scheme etc). Get some inspiration from them and draft or formulate the ‘look’ of your desired layout. P.S If you can jot down the layout on some paper that will be very helpful in helping you envision what you want your blog to look like!

2. Go over each of these steps to help set up your blog!

Pick Your Brand Colours

Choose and Install A Theme

☐ Design a logo

By yourself for free
For as cheap as $5 on Fiver
By a designer on freelancer

Create and Install a Favicon

Add Plugins to your blog

Create Your First Few Pages

Create Your First Few Posts

Set up Main Navigation Menu

Create a Drop Down Menu

Learn how to add widgets to your blog

Create XML sitemaps

Submit Sitemap to Google

Set up Google Analytics

Install Google Analytics on your blog

Your blog is now fully set up.

Now it’s time to learn how to actually make money from this blog. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson as I walk you through the ‘money’ side of blogging. How to make it, How you get paid, who even pays you and a lot of other questions I know you might have about making money from your blog.


See you tomorrow!

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