How To Choose A Great Blog Name In Minutes

This may sound a bit controversial but blog names really do not matter. The most important thing on your blog is creating great content that solves people’s problems. Once you’ve achieved that your blog will be successful.

This may have come as a surprise to you, but it is really true. How do I know this?

Well, for a while, when I started this blog it was called ‘ That’s right, SHE BLOGS ABOUT JOBS. And guess what, I wrote posts about blogging and business and I still got tons of people coming to my site to read about blogging and business.


My blog name did not deter them. They commented, shared, liked and purchased from my affiliate links.


What does that tell us?

Your CONTENT is the most important part of your blog. Point blank.

Therefore, you should not spend tons of time trying to come up with a blog name.


Having said that, you do want to have a blog name that is at least brandable and unique.

For instance, back when I started this blog, last year, it was named I absolutely hated it, but I wanted to get my blog going and I could not think of anything that was fun, catchy and brandable at the time. I was also unwilling to put my blog off for weeks or months longer, just to come up with the perfect name.

Fast forward to this year in March, I changed my blog’s name to and I absolutely love it. It is everything that was not. FUN, UNIQUE, and BRANDABLE!

I say all this to say,

don’t waste your time trying to come up with the perfect blog name. It is not as important as you think, and you can always change it later on when you’ve found a name you absolutely LOVE!

Here are a few more pointers to help you out!

1. The easiest blog names are already taken…No going around that. In fact, some folks have made it into a business to quickly scope up ‘easy to think of’ domains that people might want. They then mark up the price and sell it to regular unsuspecting folks at a hefty price.

Don’t worry about this though, since you’re going to come up with a unique name for your blog that only you have thought of!

2. Choose, .net, .org or .co as your extension.

If you find a .com extension for your blog name (that you will choose below) quickly grab this one. .com domains have a reputation for being the most sort after and respected domain extensions online.

Next, if the .com extension is not available for your chosen blog name, consider .co, .net or .org. These are still professional looking and inspire people to think of your blog as legit. However, please stay away from the .blog, .me .club and other crazy extensions out there. They’re very sloppy and unprofessional.


Here are a few steps you should follow to choose your perfect blog name in minutes!

In this case, let me show you how I choose my own blog name.

Step #1: Write down a list of random words related to my niche:
Money, financial, finances, money tips, make money, save money, freedom, debt pay off

Step #2: Write a few words that describe you:
Smart, helpful, friendly, financially literate

Step #3: Write down some descriptive words that describe the message of your blog:
Help, awareness, guidance, inspire, financial literacy

Step #4: Start putting those words together to come up with the perfect match: I came up with those combinations when trying to pick my current blog name.

All of those were okay, but they did not feel like the one until

I really liked that but it still didn’t feel awesome

Then, I decided to do and I absolutely love it.


This is exactly how I came up with my blog name. Don’t be afraid to play with those words you listed.


After you’ve found a couple that you like, head over to this post where I show you how to start a blog and get your blog name for FREE, courtesy of