22 Awesome Hacks To Save Tons Of Money On Travel Expenses Seamlessly

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These 22 hacks to save insane amounts of money on travel expenses are seriously the best! I'm so happy I found these great tips and tricks! Now I can finally travel under budget without missing out on perks! Definitely pinning!Do you want to travel this year? Scared to even tackle this because you know it’s going to be overly expensive? I totally understand your fear and this is why this post outlines 18 hacks that can save you tons of money on travel expenses and help you have your trip…with all the perks included and none of the exorbitant expenses!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more information.


Awesome Hacks To Save On Airfare

Airfare can be expensive. It can be so expensive sometimes that it deters you from traveling. Because let’s face it sometimes it is just too darn expensive to fork out $400 for a plane ticket. Fortunately, there are some awesome ways that you can save on airfare and never put off your travel desires again. They include:

1. Clearing your browsing cache when you’re purchasing tickets to avoid a price surge. It’s no secret that websites, including travel sites, use cookies to track your movement on their website.  Theyeverythingything you’re looking for. To be fair, no website owner/company targets you specifically, however they most likely have their system set up in such a way that frequent visitors to certain pages get targeted with slightly higher airfares since visiting multiple times means you’re really interested in this particular thing. Business Insider explains how you can clear your cookies here.

2. Purchase tickets in advance/Book early.

3. Shop the best ticket deals online at:



Kiwi.com allows travelers to find and book the cheapest flights possible. You’re able to find those awesome deals from an extensive database of low-cost flights and traditional airlines. You click the banner below to be taken directly to thier website to find awesome flight deals.

4. This contradicts what I said in #2. But you can also grab some great savings by buying tickets last minute ( a week before departure). Sometimes when an airline is desperately trying to book all seats, you get an opportunity to grab some awesome deals on ticket prices.

5. If you want to save some cash, try to travel on weekdays. According to Fareandcash.com Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest.


Awesome Hacks To Save At Your Destination


6. Rent a condo or apartment instead of a hotel room. This will not only give you more living space, It will also help you save tons of money on food since you might be able to prepare your own meals. We all know that food is another major expense on trips.

7. Stay at other alternate locations. You can also use Air BnB to get some awesome accommodations at great prices.

8. If you have to have a hotel room, then:

*Call the hotel directly…You will be surprised at the discounts and savings you will get if you just ask

*If this doesn’t work for you, try out a third party site like Booking.com for some really awesome deals on accommodations. This website is a world leader for booking hotel accommodations online. Users are guaranteed the best price for any type of property.

9. Stay a few nights- Many hotels offer awesome discounts if you stay more than one night. Check out tripadvisor.com for such great deals on hotel accommodations of up to 30% off.


*Traveling @ the destination

10. Travel like the locals. If you want to save money on destination travel expenses, then you should definitely look into this option. Not only will you save tons of money, you will also get a real feel for what life is like at your travel destination.

11. Avoid Taxis and Welcome Transportation. In most cases, these services are severely overpriced.

12.Rent a car! Have fun and take yourself where you want to go.


*Eating at the destination

13. Talk to locals- A great way to get some great deals is to ask the locals. They can tell you the best places to get savings and deals not to mention the best meals!

14. Eat a few blocks away from the ‘tourist zone’. You can save some real cash doing this. Plus this is easy to do as you only need to go a street or two over to get access to some great and affordable meals.

15. Avoid eating breakfast at hotels -They’re most likely much more expensive than eating at a local cafe.


*Fun activities at the destination

16. Shopping- Try your best to shop duty-free. Many airports have duty free shops and you can get some great stuff there. Most likely they’re less expensive than paying taxes.

17. Choose fun activities at least four blocks outside tourist zone. Everything is cheaper there and the experience is much more authentic.

18. Use discount apps to get deals on things. Yes, asking locals might help some, but it can’t hurt to get some extra deals via apps. Here is a list of travel apps to check out.


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I hope you discovered some new ways to save money on travel expenses within this post.

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