10+ Great Things You Should Try During A No Spend Challenge

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The ‘no spend challenge’ is a great way to cut costs and save more, or to set aside some money for a charitable cause. Needless to say, many people have done this at some point in their lives whether they knew it or not.

You need to cut your expenses to be able to attend that concert, to go on that road trip or to throw that party you are so eager to hold. There are, however, those things that you are bound to spend money on such as groceries. So what exactly do you do to ensure you are paying for only that which is extremely necessary?


Indoors activities

Time spent saving money can be used to add value to your body, mind, and life. Among the many activities which can keep you occupied at home are:

1. Cleaning out the cupboards
Keeping the house clean is usually on the agenda of most people; however, there are some parts which are forgotten. The cupboards often accumulate dust particularly in the back where we rarely access.
There are ingredients which might have been forgotten over time. This is the best time to remove those ingredients and use the ones which haven’t gone bad to prepare dinner.

2. Rearrange furniture
This is a fun way to keep busy, and at the same time, give your house a new refreshed look. While moving the furniture around, you can also stumble upon a valuable item which got lost, which is why I call it a ‘treasure hunt.’

3. Household maintenance
Walk through the house and identify any sections which require maintenance. It could be a light bulb which needs to be replaced, ensure there are no obstructions in the air vents, check and replace conditioning systems e.t.c. A walk through the house will make it easier for you to find something which requires being cleared out, fixed or replaced.

4. Clean Out all media collection
Go through the collection as you clean out the shelves and dust the books and DVD cases. This process will bring you into contact with favorite books and movies which you might want to have another look at.
This would also be the ideal time to look at the photo album filled with a lifetime of memories.

5. Bill reduction
This is done by finding a way to lower your monthly bills. Which expenses can be entirely removed from the list? How can you reduce the rest of the bills? I once heard of a couple which would pee in a jar, then pour the contents out on their garden. All in a bid to reduce the water bills by limiting the occasion of flushing the toilet.


Outdoor activities

1. Volunteer your services
Voluntary services are a worthy way to spend extra time. It can be offered to children homes, homes for the elderly or even community service. This will save you money, as well as make an impact in the lives of other people.

2. Take up a sport
You can choose to play community sports or enroll in the local rugby team. The sporting activities also have a positive impact on blood circulation and general well-being.

3. Take a walk
Appreciate nature. This would be a good chance to absorb the world around us since we are usually too preoccupied to notice it. Take some time to feed the birds, play with a pet or just stretch your legs. Some time away from the noisy everyday life will leave you calm and relaxed.

4. Visit a free museum or park
It is always fun to visit a museum. The attractions are fascinating, and this could be a good way to bond with your spouse and children, or whoever accompanies you. It would also be an educative activity as you acquire information on artifacts and creatures.

5. Work in the home garden or plant a tree
If you have no garden, you can clean the neighborhood or start a compost pit. This would go a long way in saving the planet as people are encouraged to care for the environment.

6. Attend a religious service
Attending a religious service is both informative and enjoyable, even for none believers. It is an excellent way to get to know your neighbors and make new acquaintances as your try to understand the mysteries of the scriptures.


Get Creative

This majorly depends on your interests and the material you have at your disposal. There are various ways to go by this.

If you have a passion for writing, you can practice poetry or blogging. You can also test your photography skills if you have a good camera. Go outside and take plenty of photos. With a little editing, or in some cases none, you can become a great photographer.

I enjoy music, so I took some guitar lessons, but my hands got sore from the strumming. I later tried playing the piano, which I currently play at my church and the school where I teach.

Getting creative is only limited by your imagination. Make boats and planes out of paper, attempt skating or telling jokes. Developing a hobby is an effective way to keep from making unnecessary purchases. The best part about developing your creativity is that once you are good at it, it can be a means of earning more money.


Develop yourself

There are many ways to nourish your body and soul. Knowledge is priceless and is often acquired from books, which plenty people do not have the time to read. On your free time go to the library and borrow some books. This will keep you knowledgeable and away from online shopping.
Meditation is a useful tool for achieving a relaxed and stress-free life. It is also key to understanding oneself.

It is important to note that preparation and willingness are the first steps toward ensuring that your ‘no spend challenge’ will bear fruits. The next step is relating with the need to cut off expenses and make a list of the costs which will be cut.

As you decide to embark on this journey, it is advisable to inform the people you are living with. This is ideal as they can make it easier for you to attain your goals or even decide to join you.

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