11 Brilliant Ways To Make More Money On The Side

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If you’re someone looking for ways to make more money on the side, then you’re in the right place. I understand the need or even desire to inject a little extra cash into your life. Many times this helps to ease tons of burdens.Ways to make more money on the side | make money online

This is why, in this post, I will show you 11 legitimate ways to make extra money on the side to help you out!

They are real extra income opportunities that pay well. In fact, some of them pay above average rates.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more information.


Below is the awesome list of  ways to make more money on the side


1.  Become a transcriptionist

This is a very popular and trusted way to make extra money. This side job requires you to type up the written or spoken version of something. You typically have to be able to type more than 50 wpm and have a very good grasp of the English language to be able to do this job successfully. Here are some companies hiring transcribers.

Also, check out this post with 9 more transcription jobs that you can try out to make more money on the side.


2. Become an online writer

This is yet another one of those very popular ways to make more money on the side. What’s more, there are thousands of different places that are constantly looking for online writers. Here is a website looking for online writers.

Also, you can checkout out this post with a list of 20+ places that you can check out for online writing jobs so so you can increase your monthly income.

3. Take online surveys

This is yet another awesome (and simple) way to make extra money. Usually, you can earn about $300 monthly by doing online surveys. However, if you push yourself, you can easily earn an additional $1000/month by taking surveys. Here are some great sites that you can check out to start making some easy money.

Also, I suggest you read this blog post which outlines 10+ more survey sites you can check out.


4. Become a website or app tester

This is another simple way to make money on the side.  You are simply required to use a website or app then give your feedback on your user experience with this website or app. You can make at least $10 per test. Here is a legitimate website/app testing company hiring online workers.

Also, check out this post with 14 more such companies looking for website and app testers.


5. Become a virtual assistant.

This is increasingly becoming one of the popular ways to make more money from home. If you are good at social media marketing, writing or just managing aspects of a small business for someone, you can do this type of job. Here are some places you can go to find virtual assistant positions

Check out this Facebook group to find bloggers who are looking for virtual assistants to help lessen their workload.

Also, you can check out this article to find 10 companies hiring virtual assistants if you want to work as a virtual assistant


6. Become a Proofreader

Becoming a proofreader is also on the list of ways to make more money on the internet. Here is a list of websites looking for proofreaders. If this is something you’re interested in check them out below:


7. Become an online tutor

Do you have a passion for teaching? There are many companies hiring online tutors. You can read more about becoming an online editor here.


8. Become a virtual bookkeeper

If you are a bookkeeper or you are adept to bookkeeping, you may want to try out becoming a virtual bookkeeper. Virtual bookkeepers are becoming more and more in demand and most of those positions pay quite well. You can check out some places where you can find virtual bookkeeping jobs below.


9. Become a search engine evaluator

You can also become an online search engine evaluator. Search engine evaluators are required to type words or phrases into search engines such as google and evaluate whether the results are appropriate for the words or phrases they searched for. For instance, a search engine evaluator would type up the phrase ‘how to find an online job’, then he will go through to see if the results that appear are relevant to the phrase he typed into google. Normally, search engine evaluators make $12 per hour. Here are some companies looking for search engine evaluators:


10. Become a social media marketer

If you are good at promoting on social media, there are many small business owners or blog owners looking for your services online. They usually require you to promote their products or services and bring them leads or sales. You can find  some of those opportunities on Upwork


11. Become a customer support agent

According to Upwork, there is high demand for customer services representatives, technical support specialists, customer service managers, live chat agents, consultants and phone support specialists. You can check out their freelance customer support positions here, then create your own customer support agent profile on Upwork.


These are all great ways to make more money on the side, particularly if you’re a stay at home mom or staay at home dad who has some extra time to spare each day. Therefore, I urge you to try some of them out so that you build a constant flow of extra cash that may come in handy.

Also, if you know of any other, please share them with us in the comments section.



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