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If you’re from the Caribbean, Latin America, India, China or anywhere else in the world other than the US, you probably will agree with anyone who says that you can’t find international jobs online to earn money.


But is this really true?

international jobs online

I have spoken to many people who are positive that they can’t earn money online because they live outside the United States, but I can assure you that there are quite a bit of international jobs online and you can earn money from them.

The problem is that they are not as popular as the mainstream online jobs for US nationals and so they are a bit more difficult to come across. Therefore, I suggest that you visit this page for updates on international jobs online.

In this post, I will outline a list of international jobs online that you can sign up for to start making money online.



International Jobs Online For Translators


1. Gengo- Can you speak multiple languages? If you can, then you can break the language barrier between individuals and businesses by becoming a senior translator at Gengo. They pay their freelance translators via PayPal and Payoneer. You can read more about this job here.

2. Lingosaur- They are looking for skilled freelance translators to join their community. Payments are made via PayPal.  You can read more about this online job here.

3. Unbabel- They are looking for online translators to join their freelance team. You can start off earning $8 per hour with Unbabel and you have to opportunity to earn more. Payments are made via PayPal. You can read more about how to work with Unbabel here.


4. Zingword- You can sign up for Zingword and receive freelance translation jobs directly from customers who use this website to outsource translation services.  You can read more about this job here.

5. ProZ- You can become a freelance translator at ProZ. Click here to find out what languages pairs you can translate for ProZ.

6. Verbalizit- This company  is looking for skilled translators to join their team. Find out if this is the right translator job for you here.


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Part time jobs that are available internationally.


International Jobs Online For Interpreters


1. Language Line Solutions-  This company has positions for at home international interpreters. Find out more about this job here.

2. Pacific Interpreters- Find out about the freelance interpreter jobs at Pacific Interpreters here.


You also have the option of starting a blog to earn money online if your live internationally. Find out how here.


Your turn…


Do you know of any other international online job available? Let us know below.


international jobs online

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