52 Week Money Saving Challenge That’ll Help You Save So Much Money

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So, we all want to be able to save extra money, but sometimes it just seems so hard. I know, because I struggle with this also.

Today, I’ve created a great 52-week money saving challenge to help us all start saving money on a consistent basis.

It’s a fun way to help us all stay accountable and save some coins this year (P.S I have planned out a huge getaway for 2018 and I need this money for that particular purpose) So, I’ll definitely be sticking to this savings challenge. Will you? Let me know in the comments below!

By the way, if you need a box of some sort to get this savings challenge underway, this is a great option to try:

Before we move on I want to share a few reasons why people often save money.

  1. To get something special- Often times when I want to get someone a really special gift, I tend to start small saving a few months in advance. That way, I don’t have to make a big out of pocket expense that can throw off my entire budget. This makes it completely possible for me to gift big(expensive) items without feeling broke
  2. To create an emergency fund- It’s an amazing feeling to have an emergency fund somewhere in the event of emergencies. I’ve always kept an emergency fund myself, but saving up to build one is a great idea.
  3. To take a nice trip- If you want o go on a trip, participating in a savings challenge is an amazing way to fund this trip. It’ll keep you super motivated to put your money aside every week!
  4. To develop discipline with your money. Not only will this challenge help you get into the habit of saving for 52 weeks, it’ll also help you develop a lifelong habit of saving.

So, save this an make it something you see through throughout the year! Do it for you!

This 52 week money saving challenge is THE BEST! I'm so glad I found this money challenge, now I can save money this year. This challenge is easy is great for saving up for a vacation! Definitely pinning this!


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